Friday, October 12, 2007

The hard to find Bible

Ok I admit it I have never joined a bible study before and I have not owned my own bible ( besides the beautiful family bible that is huge) since I was in high school. So... this week I started going to a weekly bible study and love it. I feel I have already learned so much and my eyes have been open to more of God's work. Also this week I went to buy me a bible to really use. I went Sunday to Target because Wal-mart is always packed on Sunday. To my dismay I could not find a single religious book in the book section in Target, thinking surely they must be here and I have just over looked them I ask the clerk. She proceeded to tell me that the bible is copyrighted and therefore they can not sell it!!!! Confused and some what insulted I told her that I was sorry that she was miss informed and that I would pray for her and the people of Target. (hoping that it did not sound as condescending as I thought it did) After that I was determined to purchase a bible that day! So I went the short 2 blocks to Wal-mart and the first thing I find in the book section is a wide selection of religious books along with atleast 10 different bibles to chose from. So at this point I am stirring clear of Target and keeping them in my prayers. Ok I will get off my soap box now, I just found it interesting and sad that a person has to search to find a bible. (not to mention on a Sunday)

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