Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I know it has been has been a long time since I blogged and I have really missed it. Sorry but we have been busy and our computer is not working right so some days it works and other days it does not. My father in law is solving that problem for us and ordered us a new laptop from dell for Christmas.

Well lets see I guess I will start with our wonderful trip to Denver for Thanksgiving. The weather was wonderful mostly warm days until the day before we left and we got a little snow. The kids had such a great time playing with there cousins. My sister and I had a blast shopping on Black Friday. Hubby and brother in law had fun at a poker game where hubby won money. We all went up the mountain for Thanksgiving lunch and as always it was wonderful. We had such a great week and loved seeing my sister and her family. I will post pics soon.

Now on to this month, we had a good first of the month with the little man's 7th birthday and putting up decorations. He had wonderful party and loved getting some cash to buy his own stuff along with a skate board with all the gear. He was so sweet with his money first he gave to the offering at church and then when we where at the store he wanted to buy something for his sister because she did not have any money of her own. (all with out me prompting, he really is growing up) However the day before the party we found out that my dad had fallen from his truck in Penn. and layed on the ground for a very long time in very cold temp. with a broken ankle. Not fun, mom was worried out her mind. He made his way back home the next week and is still have some problems from the fall along with a cast on his right foot. Then on the 15th hubby came home with a really big blow to us, his office closed there doors for good as of 5:00 that day. With the holidays and all looking for a job has been pretty much been put on hold until the new year (thank God that is soon). This has been long a trying year for us but I know that God will provide a better way all I have to do is stay out of His way and be faithful.

Christmas was wonderfully busy we had Christmas eve at my mom's and as usual she lavished gifts upon my children. The kids loved all of it and are still finding things they did not know they got. Christmas day we had a great, quiet lunch with Hubby's parents (a much needed break from load and crowded) then we went to my Aunt and Uncle's house for a fun, layed back, fabulous diner and more gifts. The kids had blast playing with family the do not get to see all the time and the adults play games and drank. It was a truly joyful and blessed time.

Well I think that sums it up for now hopefully the kids will let me get some pics downloaded today.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

One week and still flying

Ok for those of you who really know me know that I do not keep a clean house (to put it nicely) but in this week I have really seen improvement. My sink has shined all week and even the kids have learned how to put away there dishes. I have decluttered my whole kitchen and most of my living room all by setting timers and not over whelming my self. Fly lady is a wonderful thing, I feel so accomplished and not tired out. I just have to work on laundry now and fast we leave Friday for Denver.
The kids are so ready to leave, the little man is on count down every morning he wakes up and tells us how many days until we go. The princess thinks every time we get in the car we are going to see "Paigie girl". I have a few Christmas presents to buy before we leave so that the stores are not sold out of the toys the kiddos really want. Any who it is time for bed and the football game is still on so the hubby is occupied (Go Cowboys).

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fly Lady

I am sorry that it has been a few weeks, my computer is acting up and I can't always get on it. My craft show went well this past weekend. I started fly lady this week and I love it so far. I have a shiny (brown 1950's) sink. I am working on my "hot spots" tomorrow.The family has been really supportive of the Fly Lady stuff. I will also be starting a new blog just for my cards, to use as a show case of sorts. I have had allot of requests for a website so until I can afford a web designer or find a way to do it my self I will use a blog. Next week we leave for Denver and we get to spend a whole week up there. We are all so excited. Well I am off to shine my sink for the night and to finish my mini mission for today.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Arts and Crafts Show

Yesterday I had a booth in a craft fair at my church , it is huge show and brings in a ton of buyers every year. I did very well, I sold out of my Thanksgiving Cards, I sold quiet a few occasion cards, and have a least one order already. I ran out of business cards ( I only gave it to the ones who were asking about orders ) with two hours left to go. I feel very good about this and have another show next weekend. I will be busy this week getting more Thanksgiving cards and Birthday cards made. I hope next weekend goes as good as this one.

We are gearing up for our trip to Denver for Thanksgiving. The kids are already asking if it is the day we leave yet. We love being able to go visit my "big" sis, I hope that we can make this a regular thing. We all live such busy lives that the past two years it has been hard for her to come this way or for us to go her way as much as we would all like.

The princess if healing well, there is just a red mark now. The little man is doing so good in school, I am not liking his teacher but he seems to be ok with her. He got his first report card this week and he got all A+. I love watching him learn how to read, it is amazing how much you do on auto pilot when you are all grown up.

On another note I would just like to say how excited I am that the Twilight Movie will be out this month. I have already read it for the second time in preparation for the movie. For any of you who have not read this series (and if you like vampire or love stories) it is a must read.(Thank you Big sis for the book and the insight) I am also very happy that I will be with my sister the weekend the movie comes out and hopefully we will find the time to see it together.

Ok my random thoughts are coming to an end for tonight. I hope every body had a fun and safe Halloween. I know we sure did and now we have to much candy!!!

What a week

Well we have had a busy week or two (? they are all blurring together now). The little princess has had her first ER visit. On Sunday the kids where playing in the back yard and we had the windows and doors open enjoying the beautiful weather when all of a sudden we hear the princess scream ( she is a very tuf little girl and usually does not cry unless it is bad). I ran out the back door to hear Mason say " Mom hurry Brooklin hit her head " , so I scoop her up thinking a kiss and hug and everything will be fine. When I got her in Daddy and I look at her and her forehead has a huge bump and a good sized cut between her eyes and she won't stop crying. The swelling was really bad so we asked Mason what she did and he pointed to piece of re bar laying on the ground and told us she fell on that. I had no clue if the metal had just cut her or went into her head so off we went to the ER. After the cat scan and a good cleaning up we were sent home. All is well and she looks like she has a third eye. The picts where taken Tues so they are after the swelling went down.
The other pict are of my new (to me) coach that my two year old thought looked like a good place to draw. I would just like to say she is making up for everything her brother did not do plus some.
The little man has been sooooo good in school he has several 100s on spelling test. We are sooo proud of him.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Texas State Fair!!!

Here is the kiddos on the bumper cars. The princess did alot better than we thought she would, she is a really good driver. The little man liked that he did not have share a car with little sister.
The princess loved the tea cups
And of coarse Big Tex, The little man has a fixation for Big Tex and talks about him non stop for days before and after the fair every year.

Ok I know that I have not written in a while and I am sorry. Life has been busy and not alot of things happening I care to write about. But this past Wed we went to the fair and had a blast so I thought of my bloggy friends so here are picts. I did not get very many picts of the little man on the rides due to the fact that he likes the really fast ones. We all had a wonderful day and look forward to the next year. I hopefully will be posting about the remodeled bathroom next time with before and after picts, just thought I would tease you.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Ok I figured out how to put my picts on here so I thought I would share a few with you all.
See big girl panties she does not wear them everyday just when she wants to.
Cards I am working on for the big arts fair, wish me luck.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Princesses 1st day of preschool

The princess and I started school on Tues. She loves school but is not liking me dropping her off. She has two really great teachers and she knows several of her class mates from church. Her favorite part is music class and the play ground, she comes home everyday singing whatever they sung in music (mind you music is at 9:10am and she goes home at 2:45pm). I was really worried about nap time but she has fallen asleep both days with out a problem.(yippee!) I think she really needs the time away from mommy and home.

I have a class full of three year olds (mostly girls). Most of my kids have gone to preschool before but I have one that has never been away from mommy, she cried nonstop all day Tues. Needless to say it was not the best first day. I also have one little boy that thinks it is ok to be VERY disrespectful to his teachers. ( I have already informed him I will not put up with it) Today was a much better day and for most of the day the kids where great, I am sure as the year goes on it will be a good one.

The big guy is learning so much already in first grade, he is just blowing me away. They already have spelling test!! I know they have to start some time. I think we will really have a busy year studying for the first grade. He likes his class still and is really descriptive in telling me what happens in class so, he must be paying attention. I think I am going to have a harder time with the first grade than he is, I am having a hard time keeping up with homework, studying for tests, get my stuff for class ready, cards made, and keeping up with the princesses (have mentioned she is a hand full). Oh well the craziness has begun, again.

Friday, August 29, 2008

What a week

This week has been sooooo busy!! Monday my little man started 1st grade and this week the princess and I set my class room. The big guy loved school this week and is sad that this is a long weekend. The princess is already ruling over the preschool and loves her teachers (so do I). I had a fast paced week setting up and doing some training this week, My classroom looks good and I have full roster, 12 three year olds with a waiting list. I had 3 parents request my class for their kids, I have never felt so appreciated. I loved my class last year and I know that this year will be a great one. I also have been working on making cards this week, I have made over 50 cards in 9 days. I do not know how I am fitting all of this in but I am and I really do not feel too tired. Well I have to go make diner, I hope everybody has a great weekend!

Monday, August 25, 2008

First day of 1st grade

I can not believe it my baby boy is in the 1st grade!!! He had great first day, he saw alot of he friends from last year and his best friend is in his class again. I hope that this year is as wonderful as last year. This is his teachers last year to teach so I have some mixed emotions about that but I have not said anything in front of the big guy. Tomorrow the princess and I start our week of set up at our school (I got to play hooky today). I hope the kids had a great day in school.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Catch Up

I know I have not posted in a while but with school starting and me starting a business things have been a little busy. Yes I said I have started a new business with the help of my Aunt and Mom. I officially opened My Sentiments Exactly on Monday. I make handmade, custom cards and invitations. I have been busy trying to get a good inventory put together for the Aspasians Art & Craft Fair on Sept 13. Needless to say that is not always easy with the kids wanting to "help".

My big boy starts the 1st grade on Monday. We find out who his teacher is tomorrow and he can not wait. I can not believe he is already in the 1st grade it seems like yesterday I was get him ready for kindergarten. I am so proud of him, he is such a good kid and he has such a big heart.

My little princess starts preschool Sept.2 and mommy can not wait. She has spent very little time away from me this summer and I am just not use to a high demand person. I love her to pieces but she is really high demand! She gets to go to school where I teach (it is also where big brother went). All the teachers know her and big brother, the are all in for a big surprise with her, she is nothing like her big brother. She will have them all wrapped around her little finger before the first week is over. I think she will really enjoy preschool and get alot out of it.

Well that about covers it, I think . The bathroom is still not done and the little princess is still not completely potty trained. She has her days that she wants to go and others she could care less so for now we are still wearing diapers. I hope that I will be able to blog more soon.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I know that it has been awhile since I posted but live has been funny so I thought I would fill you in. My two kiddos have not been able to play outside much so when the temp started heading down I pushed them out side. While they were playing one day I worked on some laundry ( I can see them from laundry room window) I soon noticed Brooklin was not outside so I headed for the kitchen to what she was up to. As I came around the corner I noticed the floor was wet and the dog's bowl was missing. I looked by the back door and found Brooklin had sloshed the bowl all the way to the door and found a straw (out of the trash can). Yes she was drinking the dog's water with a used dirty straw!!! Once I got over the yuck factor I had a good laugh. We have also caught her out side in high heeled dress up shoes that are at least 5 sizes too big. (I need to get a pic of that) Mason starts school the 25th so we are counting down the days. He is excited and loves that we had to buy school supplies again. He thought you just bought them once and that was it. (I wish!!) Our remodel is still going a little slower than we hoped for but you gotta to do what you gotta do.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

My impulse buy

Those of who know me well know that I am not a big spender and very very rarely buy on impulse but .... yesterday I did. My mom and I went to The Dump furniture store and I was over whelmed by it. Mom bought a new coach set and an end table that are perfect for her house. Then while she was setting up her delivery I walked through the clearance section ( my first mistake) and I found this really cool dining table that is round and has leafs to make it huge (like to seat 10-11 people). I asked how much (my second mistake) and then lady standing beside me said "I was looking at that table too" then when the sells person told us the price she said she wanted it too (her mistake). So I told her sorry I asked about it first and I was purchasing the table (oops did I say that). Well needless to say I bought a table that they normally sell for $1300 for $200 without even blinking, what was I thinking!! Then we had to drive back out to Irving last night to pick it up. Well I now have three tables and need to sell two so, if you know any one....
Oh and an update on the toddler bed, Brooklin is doing better. Two nights ago we had a bad night but other than that she seems to be adjusting well now. Potty training is still a on going process. I will keep you all posted.

Monday, July 28, 2008

My fun weekends

Last weekend I went to Shreveport with my sister, my mom, and my aunt, we had a blast. My sister and I got massages (our tradition) and we stayed up late on my birthday to toast the exact time I was born and 30 min later we toasted in my sister's birthday (with a fresh and strong drink). I love getting to spend all that time with just the girls. I do not think any of us came home big winners but we sure did have fun.

This past weekend Brooklin learned how to climb out of her crib so, she got a "big girl princess bed" (we converted the crib into a toddler bed). Nana bought her a new bed set that has princesses on it for the occasion. Now this all sounds great but did she stay in her new bed....... NO!!!! We where (we being Brooklin and I) up until 3:30, I finally just camped out on the floor in her room so I could catch her in the act of getting out of the bed. Last night was much better. Mason lost another tooth this weekend, he looks like someone knocked out all of his front teeth now. His bottom two front ones are almost all the way in and the top ones are just starting to come in and now he has lost one next to the front ones on top. I can not believe how fast they are falling out. Then yesterday we gutted the hall bathroom, really there is nothing but floor and tub left in there. I can see in to the attic!!! I will have to put together some picts for y'all. It has really been busy around here. Oh and Brooklin has been pottying on the big girl potty more and more, I think panties are in her near future.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun

This week has been so much fun, my sister and her family are in town and we have had a blast. It looks as though we will not get to take a vacation this year so I have been treating this time as if I were on vacation. The kids go to VBS in the mornings so my sister and I have gotten some really good shopping in. This week end is our big party and trip to Shreveport. No kids, No husbands, No cooking, No cleaning for 2 1/2 days!!!!!! Yeahhhhhh!!!! Last year I had to miss our trip so I am really looking forward to this trip. The kids have been having so much fun playing together, we have a hard time getting them to bed. We have really had a great week of visiting and relaxing together. I really am so blessed to have a close relationship with my family. I will post all about my trip next week.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Work, work, work so that you can spend, spend, spend

My hubby has been working so hard all the time here lately and all we do is spend all the money as fast as we get it seems. We are paying off bills and now the gas (for the car) and electric bill are out of the roof. Now my husband wants to buy a boat (from a friend) for $300.00. He did work hard for this money and I feel he should get a reward for that but I feel guilty spending money on non necessities these days. I feel that we are just getting out of debt and I really do not want to go down that road again so I am really scared to make any big purchase. I do want to have fun on the boat too however so it is a really hard choice - do I do the smart thing or the fun thing. That is question I find myself asking a lot. Well I feel better now that I got that off of my mind.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer Reading for Kids

I thought I would share some info that I have found for some summer reading for the kids. All through out Texas the libraries are having a Reading Jubilee all the kids have to do is go in and sign up (for free) and read or be read to 15 min a day (or more if wanted). For every 15 min they read they get to color a star which = a ticket you then trade tickets for prizes (like Chuck E. Cheese). Also at Cici's pizza you can register for a program to receive a free kids buffet every week for reading 15 min a day. These are great incentives to get the kiddos reading and are free ways to really help bond with your child. Mason loves reading time, we go once a week to the library and get 3 books for him and one for Brooklin. The kids love to get a new book and this way I don't have to store them or buy anything.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Potty Party

We are now potty training our little princess!!! She has started this all on her own, a few weeks a go she wanted to go potty like big brother and so I pulled out the little potty (she is so little she can't reach the big potty and she almost falls into the little one) and she actually went pee pee in it on her first try. Almost every day since then she tries to potty at least once a day and in the last two days has tried several times and actually made it a few (even #2). I know this probably TMI but it is a big thing in our house. Today she took a while to potty and pooped, then stood up pointed at it and said "Mommy I poop, I poop big. Its big mommy." Out of the mouths of babes. She has really been talking and singing a lot lately. I know you all want to know about our bathroom habits so I will keep you posted on it. ;)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Moving update

Well it seems I spoke to soon. When we called to tell our landlord that we where looking to move ASAP, she started to cry and told us how much she loved having us take care of her house and she thought of us more like family, and that she would write a check for any improvements that need to be made. With that we can't just leave because we know the house won't rent in the condition it is in and she is willing to work with us. So we went to Lowe's and priced all the things that need to be purchased and have already gotten her approval to go ahead with fixing the bathrooms. We start work this weekend hopefully. A lot of the work is minor and to get more things done we have opted to do some of the work our self. We hope to have our debit under control in the next 6 months and then we can look at buying a home of our own in our own time on our own terms not in a hurry.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Moving Again

Yes I said moving again!! I have had it with this house and no longer feel safe living here. This house has always been an eye sore and not pleasant to live in but this past week I have found more bugs than I care to share (big creepy ones), more mold, and our truck was broken into (our neighbor's shed was broken into the week before). I prayed hard about this (I really do not want to move again) last week before all of this happened and I feel that this is my answer. So, today I went and looked at 2 houses in our price range and liked one. Tonight I am filling out the paper work and hopefully I will have an answer by Friday and will be moving within the month (or within 2 weeks God willing). This means a new school for Mason and I really did not want to do that but I really do not feel that we need to be in this house any longer. Please pray that we are making the right decision and that God will show us the way. I really do not know how many more times I can handle moving we have moved 5 times in 8 years, Mason has lived in 5 houses (he is only 6) Brooklin has lived in 3 houses (she is only 2). I hope that we can find a house of our own and settle down soon.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The end of Kindergarten

Today was Mason's last day of kindergarten and they had an awards ceremony for the kids. My mom and I went to the school and watched our big boy receive the most awards in his class!!! He received 5 total awards - Citizenship, Peace, Creativity, Doing our Best, and Perfect Attendance. The first two are similar and are for being a good friend and sharing, the Creativity award is for always having creative and original art work (which I am framing some of, you never know what might be famous some day), Doing our best award is for having exceptionally great behavior and work habits, and last but not lest Perfect Attendance in which he was the only one in his class of 22 to receive. We are soooo proud of him and can not believe he is a first grader already. After his awards we said good bye to his teacher (he cried when he hugged her bye, he really loves her), then Nana, Sister and Mommy took him to Cici's for lunch (his chose). This has really been a big day and we could not be prouder of him for all that he does, he really is an exceptional boy.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Saying Good Bye

This past weekend my Aunt was in a horrible accident and past away. The whole thing is sad and hard on the family. My Aunt lived in Arkansas with her husband and her two children live close by with there total of 5 kids ( ages 7?-4months). I spent a week or two with her for a couple of summers and loved being with her when I was younger. I was unable to attend her funeral today and just wanted to express my good byes to her. She was a loving Aunt and my father's last living sister, she will be missed. I remember she was the person to take me to my first drive-in movie, we sat in the back of her Ford Ranger pick-up and ate popcorn. She help pull my wedding together and helped make the wonderful memory I have today. So today we say good bye to a mother, sister, grandmother, wife, friend, and aunt. We love you and hope that God will send his peace to those you left behind.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

The zoo

This past Monday we all went to the Dallas Zoo and had a great time. Brooklin had never been to any zoo and Mason is in love with all the animals. It was a great family day.

Here is our little one playing with a monkey statue, those were her favorite.Here they are tired and hot, but being nice to each other and yes that is worthy of a picture and a prize.
They did great, believe it or not they did not whine or complain about being hot or that they were thirsty or hungry the whole time. It was a great day and we all had a fun family time that we might actually do again. Please forgive the picture size and the quality I am still figuring out how to put pictures on my blog.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Last day of school for me

Yesterday was my last day to teach those little angles and it was bitter sweet. I am sooooo going to miss there hugs and smiling faces every week. I am sure that next year I will have another 12 that I will fall in love with all over again but I never dreamed that this was the place God had for me. I told my husband the other day that I will not be quiting this job, I feel like I belong here and those little ones have touched my heart in ways that I did not know possible. I will miss them and I hope they grow into the people God has planed for them.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

How to be friend ...again

Well this week I got an email from some friends that hurt us and then I never heard from again until now. The email was to say hi and see how we were, I responded politely and we have emailed back and forth a few times now. I really do not know how to feel about this, on one hand we have really missed the connection with them and on the other the hurt is still there. I am tiring to have an open heart and an open mind, to try to think like the Christian I am. I really want to have a close friendship again but I do not know if Eddie is willing to forgive them. I know that we all make mistakes and friendships are not black and white. It has been so hard for us to find friends that we both get along with and is close to the same walk of life as we are and that live close to us. I have a few friends and he has a few friends but most of them are much older or work hours we don't or I do not get along with girl or he do not get along with the guy. It just has been real struggle for us we never really go anywhere with other couples and we need that fellowship. I really think this can be a problem for many couples and instead of us having singles sites every where we turn, we need couples needing friends sites so that this whole thing would not be so complicated. There goes a another million dollar idea I will never act on. Any ways I guess I just need to vent and think on paper (so to speak) to try to figure out how I can be a friend again to some one who has hurt me and I hope that I can be the Christian that I should be in this situation.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Crazy Week

This week was busy and the kids are even nutter than usual. Monday started out fine and easy going but the kids went nuts after school and before I knew it the house was a mess and so were the kids. Tues I had work and then a playgroup meeting where I had to sadly tell everyone that I am leaving the group due to work, it was a hard decision but I really had to do it. Wed Mason through a fit before we even made it to school and was even worse when I picked him up (I am so ready for him to be out school for summer). Thur I worked and I had my evaluation it went ok but the lady that I work with really got slammed by one of our parents (she had few things to say about me to, yes I cried to hear that some thought I did not care about there child), I did agree with a few of her points but she was harsh. Friday was run around town day, Brooklin and I were non stop all day- Wal-mart, Banks, Target, and a few garage sale drive bys. Well now we have today, so far so good we have a birthday party later that the kids are looking forward to, hopefully every thing will start calming down so that I can see about what the kids are going to do this summer.

Monday, May 12, 2008

A birthday party and Mother's day

This weekend was a rush of events for us. Brooklin's birthday party was Sat., she had a blast playing with all her friends. We had the party at my mom's house and it was packed. After it was all over and we were just seating around I realized I did not give her the BIG gift from Mommy and Daddy!!! So she got her Dora four wheeler after all her friends left. Mason has had a hard time dealing with it being sisters birthday, he has not felt very special this weekend. We have tried to cheer him up but with out a party and gifts its not the same, some thing you just got to learn the hard way. Mothers Day went well, we had lunch with Eddie's parents and diner with my mom. The day was peaceful which is always a good thing!!! I hope all of you mom's had a great day.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mom's rehab

I know alot of you asked what cardiac rehab is so.... It is pretty much regular rehab, alot of tread mill and row machines from she has told me. She does watch a video every time she goes to help her with making changes to her every day life. I am very proud of her for doing all that she can to improve her health. Today she watched Brooklin for the first time since the heart attack, I know Brooklin was happy to be with her Nanny. Saturday is Brooklin's 2nd Birthday party and her and Nanny talked all about it today.
The kids are doing well, Mason is finishing up his kindergarten year and I now know what people are talking about when they say the kids change. He has been so whinny and he is so hard to get up and going. Brooklin is doing great she can not wait for her party. And I am getting ready for my last days at the preschool by making memory books for the kids, I really am going to miss them. Well off to bed I go... Good night.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

What a joy to work with kids

Today was a testament to why I love those 11 little kiddos. The kids in my class today had an open house and were so proud to show mommy and daddy what they had worked so hard on all year long. After the parents left we went about our day starting with circle time and then potty break. Some where between all of that my two sweet heart girlly girls came and gave me big hugs (as usual), then one little boy came gave me a hug, and then another, and another and then they all came together and gave me a huge group hug (it was the best). Then my co teacher asked where her hug was and one of those angles said but we love Ms.Rebecca. Its days like this that make every day worth being with those gifts from God. I know I talk about these kids like they are my own but that is because I love them all for who they are. I am truly going to miss them all next year and then I will have a whole other class to love on.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

What a good and normal week

I have had a good week and it was about as normal as we can get. I got to go back to work on Thru. and Eddie did not have to work late at all. Thru. a wonderful friend from church watched Brooklin and is helping me out again on Tues. Mason has had a great week in school, he had good behavior all week and got in the treasure box (as usual) we are truly blessed to have such a good boy. Today the kiddos and I went to our local arts fair, we had a great time and ate curly fries. Eddie is working on his Mustang, putting on a new door. I am glad that he has an outlet for all that testosterone. ( I hear lots of grunting and head scratching from out there) Well here is hoping for another good week.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The start of a new week

Thank God for a start of a new, fresh week!!! Last week was a stressful and busy week for my whole family and I am so thankful for a new day and a new outlook for this week. Mom is doing good and has a great attitude for her recovery and I really think she will be better than before in some ways. My sister and family started their long drive home this morning and I return to work on Thru. I feel as though life is starting to look something like normal again. Poor Mason is so tired this morning when I got him up for school he said "I have only been asleep for 5 min Mom. I am so tired." Tonight I think we will all go to bed early. Brooklin has been a handful this past week as her routine was sooo out of whack, hopefully this week will be better. Once again thank you all for you prayers and support, I know that it will get better and better every day.

Friday, April 18, 2008

My mom is home

Thank you all for you support and prayers this past week. My mom came home yesterday evening and is doing pretty good, I think she is looking better and better everyday. It is going to be a big adjustment for her in the coming weeks to move more and eat healthy but we are all here to help her and I know she can do it. We are setting up her doctors appointments today, after that we will know just what her recovery will intell. Again thank you all for your prayers, please keep praying for her recovery and that she will have a healthy and active life in the future.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My mom

As many of you know my mom had heart attack on Sun. evening, thankfully my dad was home and rushed her to the local ER. Shortly after getting to the ER they care-a-flighted her to Baylor Hospital and started surgery immediately where they put in a stint and cleaned her arteries. She spent all of Monday in CCU and is now in a regular room. They have not told us when she can come home or about recovery yet. I know all of you know how loved my mom is by all and I just wanted to ask everyone to keep her in you prayers.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My bummer day

Well today I just need to have a pity party. Today is my 8th Wedding Anniversary and it has been a real bummer of a day. I worked this morning and my student were out of control today then, this afternoon I went to a funeral for my great cousin (my mom's cousin and close friend) and to top it all off my husband now has to work until at least 7:30 tonight. All in all I have seen my husband 10 min today and now it looks like that might be all I see of him today. I do not even know if I will get chance to give him his card today. Ok I know that it is not the end of the world but I really wish we could have some time together today. Now that I have had my little pity party I feel a little better.

Monday, April 7, 2008

I want to share

Ok I know some of might already know about Freecycle but I want to share with y'all who don't. Freecycle is a great yahoo group that is for people to get rid of or receive all kinds of stuff for free!! Things like clothes, tables, lawn equipment, books, toys, you name it you can get or get rid of it on Freecycle as long as you are giving it away or can pick it up. It is great, there are different groups for each area and you can join as many as you wish, for example I joined the Rockwall group and the Wylie group because I did not mind driving to Wylie to pick things up. A few weeks back I posted that I needed clothes for the kids by the next hour I was on my way to pick up 2 large sacks full of clothes for Mason, they were great clothes in wonderful shape. I have also gotten rid of some of the kids things that where grown out of. I love this and I thought some of you might like it as well.

Friday, April 4, 2008

A wonderfully lazy Friday

Well last night was my Mom's night out and we had a blast (as usual). I am truly blessed to have this women in my life, to learn from, lean on, and laugh with. Needless to say I am a little tired for going out and having fun. So, Brooklin and I have enjoyed a lazy Friday together. Brooklin is doing well without her passy she has not even asked for it all day today. Mason had so much fun at his gardening club yesterday, he planted baby carrots and radishes. He is such a good child and a fun kid to be around I enjoy just being with him everyday. Well my bon bons and house shoes are missing me so ....... ;)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

No More Passy

Brooklin has thrown away all of her passies ( pacifiers) as of yesterday. We had a rough night and morning but nap went well and we are determined to buy no more passies. She has also started showing a great interest in going potty, she has already potted two times and sits on it at least twice a day. My baby girl is get to be a big girl so fast. And then Mason is such a big kid now!! He has joined the schools gardening club that starts tomorrow(he is so excited). Well just wanted to share some milestones with y'all.

Friday, March 28, 2008

What a blah day

I have a day about as fun as the weather today. Eddie was sick all morning and I ran a few things around this morning for him and went to Target that is all I have got done today. However I do need to share a few good deals I got at Target today in the dollar spot they had all of the blue spots 75% off. I got Brooklin all kinds of Elmo stuff for just $0.25 each!!!! How cool is that! Any ways I just that I would share. I hope everyone had a great day.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Eddie's newest toy

Ok guys two days in a row, I think I might be getting better! Well, today I got the privilege of driving me husbands newest toy to work... an old 5.0 Mustang. Before you all go what how are they having money problems and can afford that- We paid $600 cash for it and we are going to sell the truck. This will free up quiet a bit of money because we will no longer have a truck payment or be out over $800 a month in gas. Any who the car runs pretty good and yes the exterior is an eye sore some what but truthfully the inside is not that bad so all in all I think we made pretty good deal. Just thought I would share our latest.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Worlds worst blogger

I know I have to be the worlds worst blogger ever, I am really going to work on writing in at least every other day now that things are starting to settle down. Well what a busy month it has been - First my wonderful sister and mom surprised me with a wonderful 4 day trip to Las Vegas. We all had a blast, my mom, Julia, Heather, Aunt Pat, Uncle Paully and my self all meet up in Vegas for my mom's 60th birthday and Uncle Paully birthday. We had an absolute blast, Julia, Heather, and I walk just about the whole strip and went in at least every other casino and shop. It was a tiring yet wonderful time, we all came home with money and a great memory. I got home very late on a Sunday night and awoke Monday with the flu, by Tuesday I could not even get out of bed. By the following Monday I was starting to feel a little better but not very much. So, back to the doctor I went and they told me I now had a bad upper respiratory infection. Needless to say I spent the first two weeks of March in bed.

We had a great Easter weekend, the kids had a good time at the church's egg hunt and they looked so cute on Sunday morning in there Easter best. Brooklin wanted to wear her dress and shoes again today! Mason said he never wants to wear a tie again ( he takes after his daddy)!! I hope everyone had a blessed Easter. I hope to be better blogger now.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Good news finally

Well as most of you know we have been struggling financially for a while now and every time we think things are going good something seems to knock us down. So finally I have some good news, Eddie has a job offer to be a construction manager for a new and promising company. This means a steady pay check and the possibility of benefits later down the road. We have been working on building our credit back up in hopes that we can get approved for a loan in Aug. so we can get out of this old, ran down house. We all hope that that would be our last move for a long while, we can not stay in this house much longer with out some costly improvements. On another note I will hopefully be working the summer with the preschool summer program as both kiddos can come to this I hope to work 5 days week this summer to help save up money for a down payment on some land and a house.
The kids are great, Mason is in his second semester of kindergarten already and Brooklin is sillier that ever. They are both very loving and outgoing children and I am so blessed to have them. Eddie and I are doing well, he has been working hard lately and I am really enjoying working with some really wonderful kids at the preschool.

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