Friday, March 20, 2009

Never go to the zoo on spring break 1/2 price day

Wed. was our trip to the zoo. The Fort Worth zoo was packed as it was 1/2 wed. and spring break. We tried to meet with a friend but they could not even get in the zoo. We got there 15 min after opening and there were only parking spots in the grass and the line was 30 min. The weather was great but there was sooo many people that we could bearly move around with a stroller. We could not get to alot of the exhibits as they were packed and we could not see the animal. It is a sad day when you can not even get to see the lions, giraffes, and elephants at the zoo. The kids did not seem to mind too much they were just glad to be outside and some were besides the house. They did get to ride the train a few times and I felt so bad that they did not get to see much that I even braved the gift shop for a treat for both of them. On the way home we even stopped and got Sonic treats. The kids and I did have a good day together even if it did not go as planed. Today Nana and Papa are going to take them to the park so they should have another day filled with fun before we all go back to school.

Monday, March 16, 2009

My how they have grown

I was going thru some old e-mails and found some picts that where sent to me of the kids. They look soooo different in such a short time. The princess will be three in a little less than two months and the little man is almost thru the 1st grade. Wow how the time flys.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The cute things kids say

The princess likes to tell me who is a boy and who is a girl and what girls can do and what boys can't do. So not too long ago...

Princess - daddy is a boy, brother is a boy, mommy is a girl, nana is a girl, and papa is a boy now right mommy?

I teach some very cute 3 year olds and they always have a lot to say. The other day one of my little girls comes in and starts coloring. Soon she gets very upset and says my crayon is not working, it is broken. I laugh and ask how is the color broken. She says it keep scribbling and want it to color in the lines.

Today at school one of boys looks at me (while we are singing This little light of mine) and asks why would you hide your light and who is this satin guy that is going to blow it out.

Ok I think that is all I have for know. Please feel free to share you cute stories.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Last weekend

Ok last weekend was full of surprises. Sat. was my mom's birthday and my sister and I put our heads together to surprised her with my sister flying in on Friday night. My mom had no clue that my sister was coming and when we walked in with her we all thought she might pee her pants. Then on Sat night my dad and I surprised her with a party. My Aunt Pat took her to the movies and when she came home she had party waiting for her. (thank you to everyone who helped me make this happen) Sun morning we all ate brunch at a local diner and then dad took my sis back to the airport. Mom had a weekend of birthday fun and I hope that she could feel how much we all love and appreciate her everyday. Spring Break starts soon and I can not wait, I have a child in my class that thinks it is ok to spit at me, hit me, and call me names. Today he had to be sent home (for the second time) for his behavior, I just can't imagine a 3 year old with that much anger in him. Well we have to get ready for bed, so good night.

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