Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Good news finally

Well as most of you know we have been struggling financially for a while now and every time we think things are going good something seems to knock us down. So finally I have some good news, Eddie has a job offer to be a construction manager for a new and promising company. This means a steady pay check and the possibility of benefits later down the road. We have been working on building our credit back up in hopes that we can get approved for a loan in Aug. so we can get out of this old, ran down house. We all hope that that would be our last move for a long while, we can not stay in this house much longer with out some costly improvements. On another note I will hopefully be working the summer with the preschool summer program as both kiddos can come to this I hope to work 5 days week this summer to help save up money for a down payment on some land and a house.
The kids are great, Mason is in his second semester of kindergarten already and Brooklin is sillier that ever. They are both very loving and outgoing children and I am so blessed to have them. Eddie and I are doing well, he has been working hard lately and I am really enjoying working with some really wonderful kids at the preschool.

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