Monday, July 28, 2008

My fun weekends

Last weekend I went to Shreveport with my sister, my mom, and my aunt, we had a blast. My sister and I got massages (our tradition) and we stayed up late on my birthday to toast the exact time I was born and 30 min later we toasted in my sister's birthday (with a fresh and strong drink). I love getting to spend all that time with just the girls. I do not think any of us came home big winners but we sure did have fun.

This past weekend Brooklin learned how to climb out of her crib so, she got a "big girl princess bed" (we converted the crib into a toddler bed). Nana bought her a new bed set that has princesses on it for the occasion. Now this all sounds great but did she stay in her new bed....... NO!!!! We where (we being Brooklin and I) up until 3:30, I finally just camped out on the floor in her room so I could catch her in the act of getting out of the bed. Last night was much better. Mason lost another tooth this weekend, he looks like someone knocked out all of his front teeth now. His bottom two front ones are almost all the way in and the top ones are just starting to come in and now he has lost one next to the front ones on top. I can not believe how fast they are falling out. Then yesterday we gutted the hall bathroom, really there is nothing but floor and tub left in there. I can see in to the attic!!! I will have to put together some picts for y'all. It has really been busy around here. Oh and Brooklin has been pottying on the big girl potty more and more, I think panties are in her near future.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun

This week has been so much fun, my sister and her family are in town and we have had a blast. It looks as though we will not get to take a vacation this year so I have been treating this time as if I were on vacation. The kids go to VBS in the mornings so my sister and I have gotten some really good shopping in. This week end is our big party and trip to Shreveport. No kids, No husbands, No cooking, No cleaning for 2 1/2 days!!!!!! Yeahhhhhh!!!! Last year I had to miss our trip so I am really looking forward to this trip. The kids have been having so much fun playing together, we have a hard time getting them to bed. We have really had a great week of visiting and relaxing together. I really am so blessed to have a close relationship with my family. I will post all about my trip next week.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Work, work, work so that you can spend, spend, spend

My hubby has been working so hard all the time here lately and all we do is spend all the money as fast as we get it seems. We are paying off bills and now the gas (for the car) and electric bill are out of the roof. Now my husband wants to buy a boat (from a friend) for $300.00. He did work hard for this money and I feel he should get a reward for that but I feel guilty spending money on non necessities these days. I feel that we are just getting out of debt and I really do not want to go down that road again so I am really scared to make any big purchase. I do want to have fun on the boat too however so it is a really hard choice - do I do the smart thing or the fun thing. That is question I find myself asking a lot. Well I feel better now that I got that off of my mind.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer Reading for Kids

I thought I would share some info that I have found for some summer reading for the kids. All through out Texas the libraries are having a Reading Jubilee all the kids have to do is go in and sign up (for free) and read or be read to 15 min a day (or more if wanted). For every 15 min they read they get to color a star which = a ticket you then trade tickets for prizes (like Chuck E. Cheese). Also at Cici's pizza you can register for a program to receive a free kids buffet every week for reading 15 min a day. These are great incentives to get the kiddos reading and are free ways to really help bond with your child. Mason loves reading time, we go once a week to the library and get 3 books for him and one for Brooklin. The kids love to get a new book and this way I don't have to store them or buy anything.

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