Thursday, June 19, 2008

Potty Party

We are now potty training our little princess!!! She has started this all on her own, a few weeks a go she wanted to go potty like big brother and so I pulled out the little potty (she is so little she can't reach the big potty and she almost falls into the little one) and she actually went pee pee in it on her first try. Almost every day since then she tries to potty at least once a day and in the last two days has tried several times and actually made it a few (even #2). I know this probably TMI but it is a big thing in our house. Today she took a while to potty and pooped, then stood up pointed at it and said "Mommy I poop, I poop big. Its big mommy." Out of the mouths of babes. She has really been talking and singing a lot lately. I know you all want to know about our bathroom habits so I will keep you posted on it. ;)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Moving update

Well it seems I spoke to soon. When we called to tell our landlord that we where looking to move ASAP, she started to cry and told us how much she loved having us take care of her house and she thought of us more like family, and that she would write a check for any improvements that need to be made. With that we can't just leave because we know the house won't rent in the condition it is in and she is willing to work with us. So we went to Lowe's and priced all the things that need to be purchased and have already gotten her approval to go ahead with fixing the bathrooms. We start work this weekend hopefully. A lot of the work is minor and to get more things done we have opted to do some of the work our self. We hope to have our debit under control in the next 6 months and then we can look at buying a home of our own in our own time on our own terms not in a hurry.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Moving Again

Yes I said moving again!! I have had it with this house and no longer feel safe living here. This house has always been an eye sore and not pleasant to live in but this past week I have found more bugs than I care to share (big creepy ones), more mold, and our truck was broken into (our neighbor's shed was broken into the week before). I prayed hard about this (I really do not want to move again) last week before all of this happened and I feel that this is my answer. So, today I went and looked at 2 houses in our price range and liked one. Tonight I am filling out the paper work and hopefully I will have an answer by Friday and will be moving within the month (or within 2 weeks God willing). This means a new school for Mason and I really did not want to do that but I really do not feel that we need to be in this house any longer. Please pray that we are making the right decision and that God will show us the way. I really do not know how many more times I can handle moving we have moved 5 times in 8 years, Mason has lived in 5 houses (he is only 6) Brooklin has lived in 3 houses (she is only 2). I hope that we can find a house of our own and settle down soon.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The end of Kindergarten

Today was Mason's last day of kindergarten and they had an awards ceremony for the kids. My mom and I went to the school and watched our big boy receive the most awards in his class!!! He received 5 total awards - Citizenship, Peace, Creativity, Doing our Best, and Perfect Attendance. The first two are similar and are for being a good friend and sharing, the Creativity award is for always having creative and original art work (which I am framing some of, you never know what might be famous some day), Doing our best award is for having exceptionally great behavior and work habits, and last but not lest Perfect Attendance in which he was the only one in his class of 22 to receive. We are soooo proud of him and can not believe he is a first grader already. After his awards we said good bye to his teacher (he cried when he hugged her bye, he really loves her), then Nana, Sister and Mommy took him to Cici's for lunch (his chose). This has really been a big day and we could not be prouder of him for all that he does, he really is an exceptional boy.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Saying Good Bye

This past weekend my Aunt was in a horrible accident and past away. The whole thing is sad and hard on the family. My Aunt lived in Arkansas with her husband and her two children live close by with there total of 5 kids ( ages 7?-4months). I spent a week or two with her for a couple of summers and loved being with her when I was younger. I was unable to attend her funeral today and just wanted to express my good byes to her. She was a loving Aunt and my father's last living sister, she will be missed. I remember she was the person to take me to my first drive-in movie, we sat in the back of her Ford Ranger pick-up and ate popcorn. She help pull my wedding together and helped make the wonderful memory I have today. So today we say good bye to a mother, sister, grandmother, wife, friend, and aunt. We love you and hope that God will send his peace to those you left behind.

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