Friday, March 28, 2008

What a blah day

I have a day about as fun as the weather today. Eddie was sick all morning and I ran a few things around this morning for him and went to Target that is all I have got done today. However I do need to share a few good deals I got at Target today in the dollar spot they had all of the blue spots 75% off. I got Brooklin all kinds of Elmo stuff for just $0.25 each!!!! How cool is that! Any ways I just that I would share. I hope everyone had a great day.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Eddie's newest toy

Ok guys two days in a row, I think I might be getting better! Well, today I got the privilege of driving me husbands newest toy to work... an old 5.0 Mustang. Before you all go what how are they having money problems and can afford that- We paid $600 cash for it and we are going to sell the truck. This will free up quiet a bit of money because we will no longer have a truck payment or be out over $800 a month in gas. Any who the car runs pretty good and yes the exterior is an eye sore some what but truthfully the inside is not that bad so all in all I think we made pretty good deal. Just thought I would share our latest.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Worlds worst blogger

I know I have to be the worlds worst blogger ever, I am really going to work on writing in at least every other day now that things are starting to settle down. Well what a busy month it has been - First my wonderful sister and mom surprised me with a wonderful 4 day trip to Las Vegas. We all had a blast, my mom, Julia, Heather, Aunt Pat, Uncle Paully and my self all meet up in Vegas for my mom's 60th birthday and Uncle Paully birthday. We had an absolute blast, Julia, Heather, and I walk just about the whole strip and went in at least every other casino and shop. It was a tiring yet wonderful time, we all came home with money and a great memory. I got home very late on a Sunday night and awoke Monday with the flu, by Tuesday I could not even get out of bed. By the following Monday I was starting to feel a little better but not very much. So, back to the doctor I went and they told me I now had a bad upper respiratory infection. Needless to say I spent the first two weeks of March in bed.

We had a great Easter weekend, the kids had a good time at the church's egg hunt and they looked so cute on Sunday morning in there Easter best. Brooklin wanted to wear her dress and shoes again today! Mason said he never wants to wear a tie again ( he takes after his daddy)!! I hope everyone had a blessed Easter. I hope to be better blogger now.

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