Thursday, October 23, 2008

Arts and Crafts Show

Yesterday I had a booth in a craft fair at my church , it is huge show and brings in a ton of buyers every year. I did very well, I sold out of my Thanksgiving Cards, I sold quiet a few occasion cards, and have a least one order already. I ran out of business cards ( I only gave it to the ones who were asking about orders ) with two hours left to go. I feel very good about this and have another show next weekend. I will be busy this week getting more Thanksgiving cards and Birthday cards made. I hope next weekend goes as good as this one.

We are gearing up for our trip to Denver for Thanksgiving. The kids are already asking if it is the day we leave yet. We love being able to go visit my "big" sis, I hope that we can make this a regular thing. We all live such busy lives that the past two years it has been hard for her to come this way or for us to go her way as much as we would all like.

The princess if healing well, there is just a red mark now. The little man is doing so good in school, I am not liking his teacher but he seems to be ok with her. He got his first report card this week and he got all A+. I love watching him learn how to read, it is amazing how much you do on auto pilot when you are all grown up.

On another note I would just like to say how excited I am that the Twilight Movie will be out this month. I have already read it for the second time in preparation for the movie. For any of you who have not read this series (and if you like vampire or love stories) it is a must read.(Thank you Big sis for the book and the insight) I am also very happy that I will be with my sister the weekend the movie comes out and hopefully we will find the time to see it together.

Ok my random thoughts are coming to an end for tonight. I hope every body had a fun and safe Halloween. I know we sure did and now we have to much candy!!!

What a week

Well we have had a busy week or two (? they are all blurring together now). The little princess has had her first ER visit. On Sunday the kids where playing in the back yard and we had the windows and doors open enjoying the beautiful weather when all of a sudden we hear the princess scream ( she is a very tuf little girl and usually does not cry unless it is bad). I ran out the back door to hear Mason say " Mom hurry Brooklin hit her head " , so I scoop her up thinking a kiss and hug and everything will be fine. When I got her in Daddy and I look at her and her forehead has a huge bump and a good sized cut between her eyes and she won't stop crying. The swelling was really bad so we asked Mason what she did and he pointed to piece of re bar laying on the ground and told us she fell on that. I had no clue if the metal had just cut her or went into her head so off we went to the ER. After the cat scan and a good cleaning up we were sent home. All is well and she looks like she has a third eye. The picts where taken Tues so they are after the swelling went down.
The other pict are of my new (to me) coach that my two year old thought looked like a good place to draw. I would just like to say she is making up for everything her brother did not do plus some.
The little man has been sooooo good in school he has several 100s on spelling test. We are sooo proud of him.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Texas State Fair!!!

Here is the kiddos on the bumper cars. The princess did alot better than we thought she would, she is a really good driver. The little man liked that he did not have share a car with little sister.
The princess loved the tea cups
And of coarse Big Tex, The little man has a fixation for Big Tex and talks about him non stop for days before and after the fair every year.

Ok I know that I have not written in a while and I am sorry. Life has been busy and not alot of things happening I care to write about. But this past Wed we went to the fair and had a blast so I thought of my bloggy friends so here are picts. I did not get very many picts of the little man on the rides due to the fact that he likes the really fast ones. We all had a wonderful day and look forward to the next year. I hopefully will be posting about the remodeled bathroom next time with before and after picts, just thought I would tease you.

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