Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I know it has been has been a long time since I blogged and I have really missed it. Sorry but we have been busy and our computer is not working right so some days it works and other days it does not. My father in law is solving that problem for us and ordered us a new laptop from dell for Christmas.

Well lets see I guess I will start with our wonderful trip to Denver for Thanksgiving. The weather was wonderful mostly warm days until the day before we left and we got a little snow. The kids had such a great time playing with there cousins. My sister and I had a blast shopping on Black Friday. Hubby and brother in law had fun at a poker game where hubby won money. We all went up the mountain for Thanksgiving lunch and as always it was wonderful. We had such a great week and loved seeing my sister and her family. I will post pics soon.

Now on to this month, we had a good first of the month with the little man's 7th birthday and putting up decorations. He had wonderful party and loved getting some cash to buy his own stuff along with a skate board with all the gear. He was so sweet with his money first he gave to the offering at church and then when we where at the store he wanted to buy something for his sister because she did not have any money of her own. (all with out me prompting, he really is growing up) However the day before the party we found out that my dad had fallen from his truck in Penn. and layed on the ground for a very long time in very cold temp. with a broken ankle. Not fun, mom was worried out her mind. He made his way back home the next week and is still have some problems from the fall along with a cast on his right foot. Then on the 15th hubby came home with a really big blow to us, his office closed there doors for good as of 5:00 that day. With the holidays and all looking for a job has been pretty much been put on hold until the new year (thank God that is soon). This has been long a trying year for us but I know that God will provide a better way all I have to do is stay out of His way and be faithful.

Christmas was wonderfully busy we had Christmas eve at my mom's and as usual she lavished gifts upon my children. The kids loved all of it and are still finding things they did not know they got. Christmas day we had a great, quiet lunch with Hubby's parents (a much needed break from load and crowded) then we went to my Aunt and Uncle's house for a fun, layed back, fabulous diner and more gifts. The kids had blast playing with family the do not get to see all the time and the adults play games and drank. It was a truly joyful and blessed time.

Well I think that sums it up for now hopefully the kids will let me get some pics downloaded today.

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