Friday, August 14, 2009

Just another day

I had to go to some continuing education today for work. And let me tell you that was a waste of 5 hours of my life. I could have so been making cards or visiting mom or taking a nap something else, anything else. Then I get home and my husband is walking out as I am walking in to do what ever it is he thinks is going to help us have money but never really helps. (what ever makes him feel good about it all). And yes today I am a little bitter about things and need to vent. I have a lot going on right now and it is like my husband just is not even on the same planet and then I remember that he has a lot on his plate too. The whole situation just sucks, I just do not know how else to put it. We have no money, my husband still has no job, our rent house sucks, we are about to be kicked out of our rent house, my mom is in the hospital, my dad just had surgery, I have to get the boy ready for school, I have to get ready for the school year, and my kids have turned into heathens. Yeah I think that about covers it, I just really need to get my mind, heart, and sole in a better place so that I can deal better with all of this.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A day of surgery

Well tomorrow is a very busy day for our family. My dad has knee surgery at about 8 am and my mom has her first reconstructive surgery at about 9 am. My sister flew in today to help everyone for the next week. Mom is excited and worried about her surgery, she is excited because this is the first step to walking and some day go home. Dad has been waiting for this for about 5 months so he is just ready to get it over with. My sister and I are just trying to keep everybody healthy and happy at this point. Dad can be a big baby and mom never tells anyone how she really feels if it isn't nice. We will be busy for the next few days balancing the two parents.

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